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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  January 27, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EST

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just a nightre drive after a winter wallop in marynd, the roads are brutal. iced ov, cars just left on the side of e road. >> in virginia, we've already heard from many of you whose ening commute is turning in to morning rush or not a rush. >> in the distri,riving is like an obstacle course. you may not get where you're going. ere are trees down, power lines, plows in the middle o the street. you have to navigate theoads of d.c. good morning, welcome back to
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"news 4 day." >>t's thursday, january 27th. if you've had to drive anywhere with the last 12 hours, you know it has been an absolute nightmare. ny streets and highways gridloed since 4:00 yesterday afternoon. there are also more than 300,000 homes in ourrea witho power ght now. >> metro has announced its trains will be running on a normal school today, however, trobuss will only be running on a snow emergen route until the side streets become passable and we don't know when that will be at this poin the federal government is operating on a two hour delayed arrival. employees can also take unscheduled lee or unscheduled tele work. also most but not all major school systems are closed today. >> d.c. public schools are closed. in ryland, montgomery and prince george's cnty schools closed. >> in virgia, alex will an dree, a lington, character, fairfax, false church,
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fredericksburg, know that is satisfies, paige, prince william, spotsylvania, stafford, warren and winchester city schools are al closed. >> and inmanuel virginia, berkeley, hampshire, hardy, jefferson an morgacounty schos are all closed. >> and would he have bn saying that will thi is worse than the blizzard from last year because even though we had accumulation, people stayed off t roads. thisidn't happen during the rushhour. we're still having rush hour at 4:30 in the morning. >> last yeart was a fluffy dry snow even though we had mor of it, it was easier to plow. but this with its heavy wet snow, we've hadnywhere from about 5 inches to as much as a foot. the consistency of wet concrete. and this continues to cause probms this morning and will throughout t rest of the day. these are the snow totals tha we have and there was an area from the shenandoah valle into
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southern frederick and maryland that had nearly a foot of snow. anything unplowed will be paralyzed for at let a couple of days. closer to washington, we hadn fair fox county about eig ches. southern montgomery had eight to ni, but northern montgomery, 10, 12 inches there. and district of columbia, around four or five inches. prince george's, eight inches there. southern maryland only a half an inch. but it was these areas just north o the in this zone about a , 60 mile wid ban that got this 5 inch to 12 inch amount of snow that stretched up to northeastern maryland. philadelphia, they got 14 i thinks. in new york city, central park, 15 inches of this heavy wet snow d it is still snowing heavily in new england. connecticut, rhode isld and massachusetts, many areas this haveell over a foo and it is stillnowing there. an the winds have begun to pick , as well. temperatures are at or above freezing in washington points
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uth and ea, but it's below freezing west a north. we just had a wind gust in winchester 41 miles an hour, so y of those tree limbs laden with that heavy snow will be snappingff with more power outages likely. this stormystem came through rapidly st nig in about a five hour riod, we picked up that snow. for e rest of the day, we'll have sunshine in and out. should be above freezing through much of the kay, so there will be melting, but watch out for high water, too. a look at friday coming up. conditions not good atll p. beltway in northern virginia, authoritiedealing with an earlier tractor trler accident. we're told the rubbing which is just out of camera vie hit all of the slush on e beltway at van ren street, spun out partlly overtued. authorities are working to get that outf the roadway,ut it'sust an example of what we're dealing with. let's take a look around town. several cameras here. this is entinrstate 66. clearly very, very challenging
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conditions tsay the least. lookg live at route 355 up in gean town near the interchange of route 27, ridge road, so out at damascus very tough going. georgia avenue, look at that, nothg. nothing but a sheet of ice. over the keyridge clearly affic has been -- or the roadway has been treated. one more stop, n york avenue in northeast. so obvusly veryhangeable conditions out there this morning. again as we've been saying, stay put for the timeeing and let crews do their thing. back to you guys. the last 12 hours have been extremely by to say the least for virginia state lice. they responded to more than 500 calls fr drivers in northern virgia during t thick of the storm between the hoursf 5:0 and 10:00ast night. trpers helped out with 106 dibled vehicles. >> do we he live pictures from tter hand? we can show people this morning for a lot of folks, driving
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through montgomery county turne to an hours long trip. melissa is seeing some of the worst that'sappened out there. >>eporter: i'm definitely not pushing any cars. i'm a nice pers, but don't ask me to do th. i'm not strong enough for that. are on river road here. this morning you can see pow every outages across t area. ns of thousands of peopleere in montgery county alone out of powe will just one secti here out of power. let's show you videon 495, just completely backed up for miles between democracy boulard and river road jus at a stand still the. as i mtioned before, one of o you producers sat in that mess rely. no other good word for it, for hours, tryinto get into work and abou 10:30 last nig until about 3:00 this morning. just a disaster. adlights for miles.
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maryland state police saying a problem with backups that started last night. now they're dealing with ying to get dozens of abaoned cars off the roads. if you lefyour cars on the side of the road, if you did abandon your car, maryland state police saying you need to call them, they will te you whe it has been towed. they've keeping track. is kind of a mess will, but they are keeping track of things. also have another piece of video to show you this morng from river road. en we were driving over to this area wre we are this morning, you can see some folks getting off on river and then that's what they saw, abandoned cars along the side of the street. some of them simy just stopp in the middle of the lane. a postal vehicle stoed in the middle of the roadind of on an angel. pele not able to get uphill. tow trucks trying to get people out of the way so the best thing we can tell yo if you do not absutely have to out and about,
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finitely stay home. let'take a look at this this parking lot. about four inches here this rning. it is that really heavynowball snow and it does have a nice icy layeon it. and if we just look over here, you can see once it gs packed down it do get vy slippery. so if you do head out,ou do want to be reful. take thashovel out with u. you'll need it. >> all right, meliss thanks so much. shovels, ice, get it all. montgomery county declared a snow emergency. that means youave to move your parked car or it will be towed. all vehicles on the roads have to also have all-weaer or snow tires or chains montgomery county says they are currently focusing on cleing the primary roads answer the main arteries that includes trying tkeep open roads that le on hospitals. the county has five mai hospals. > also right now, a lotf folks without power this morning. pepco reporting more than
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191,000 outages. most of them i montgomer county. dominion virginia power also reporting more than 12000 customers in norther virginia without power. bge is repting about 57,000 outages in prince georges, montgomery and anne arundel. novak reporting close 25,0 outages. and smeco repting about 500 outages and allegheny report building 350 or so. >> and that will be a challenge for the crews to g out this will. the hea snow has brought down the power lines. the trees are in the midd of the roads now. >> it will te a lot of time andatience to make a dent in that sort of stuff because it's not justetting power back on. it dealing with the abandoned cars and snow drifts and everything else. >> and people running out of patience after being stuck in that traic all night. 4:39 right now. after the break, the latest on conditions for the morning commute. >> it going to be tough to get anywhere today. weather and traffic right after the break.
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the heavy snow left nearly a footn parts of louden and southern frederick county, marylandnorthern montgomery county. elsewhere wee had about 5 to 10 inches of snow commonly across most of the region except southern maryland, they only h about half an inch ther right now temperatures are in theow to mid-30s nea washington pois south and east, west and north, though, 's below freing. nds gusting 30 to even 40 miles an hour. those tree limbs are snapping off and that's why we've had all the per outages. the orm came through and now it's hitting new england with heavy snows there. for , we'll he the sshine back today with highs reaching in the upper 30s, so we'll have melting. refreezing tonight. tomorrow maybe a few flurries. a bit milder over the weekend, saturday and sunday, highs near 40. jerry, somehow traffic? >> out to the wes along
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interstate 66 in manassas, crews are dealing with abandoned vehicles and tryinto get all travel lanes reened. but the st several hours have been a real ss. all the interstates just very diffict to deal with. let's take a samplinground the area. this iroute 123 at international drive over tysons corner. abandoned car right in the middle of the roadway. and that's what we're seeing a lot of, so if you abandon your car, contact police oro whatever you can to get those cars out of the way so authorities can try to clear the travel portion of the roadway. this is interste 66t at the apprch to the capital beltw. still tough conditions. on the capal beltway in virginia, both directions nr route 50, very slick. ice covered that the hour. in town, this this is south capital street through southeast washington. certainly manageable, as you approach those intersection trust me, this is ice. you' have to bevery, very careful out there.
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>> all right, jerry, thanks so much. yeah, one ofhoses days you ju can't get on the roads. >> it's going to be a mess. forget about it. stay in the bed and keep watching. your time now 4:44. the snow also causing travel problems up a down the east coast. >> coming up, a check of the airports and get the latest from metro.3q
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we want to give you a look at the conditions around the area. here's aive look at maryland. this is riverroad. you can see the roads seem pretty passable. a litt slushy out there, but side streets and other roads are not fairing this well a lot of cars abandoned, so watch out on the roads in maryland. >> on my ride in, i saw similar things. this is in virginia, i believe
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66. 95 actually. cars moving at a fairly normal clip. and that was sortf what i saw coming in this morning on -- and i'm still learning the emgency routes iide the district, but i know on mass avenue, it was fairly passable most of thway in. >> and so was connecticut for me. the side seets are still a mess, though. we have a live report from megan mcgraph in northeast washingn in just a minute. the federal government on a two hour delays. employs can take unscheduled leave or unscheduled tele work. >> and a lot of schools are closed. montgome and brins gorprince ge. al alex andrea, falls church, fau
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keer, paige, prince william, spot vein qua, stafford, warren, and chester city. one of theiggest issues we've been talking about a fallen branches and trees which have closed off the side streetsage damaged cars. >>he snow has also whether he had to powerutages in much of northwes megan mcgrath is at continhas m. >> reporter: the rask lights are out. take a look at the snow that we're seein here. its really heavy stuff. terrific for making snowballs, but not go for the trees and por lines because this suv avy. we' we're seeing it weighing dow the power nes. this is what'seft of a very large tree that fell on
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massachusetts enue just prior to ward circland unfortunately for sobody, it took out their car. and we'reeeing trees falling all around the area. it's causing traffic tieps as well as power outages. there are tens of thoands of people without power and when you have this many oage, it's going to tak some time to get those crews out there and get everybody back up and runng. so patnce is key this morning. they are out there,hey are working on aboutemperature i've seen crews out there this morning, but it will take some time. we want to also ough you the road conditions re in d.c. a lot of folks wi wiltry to mak it here. they've done anxcellent job getting this rd clear. while the major roadsaye looking od, but as the plows have comethrough, they've left
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this mountaiof slush and it's difficult to bust through. you may have to travel through a waufl slush. so if you don't have four-wheel driv that might cause you to spin out. they're of course focusing on thprimary streets so they' eventually get to the secondary streets. but you have to take it easy out therthis morning. back to you all in th studio. >> so not to get to your personal business, but i know you have a pretty long drive into work. anyou made it in this morning. whatid you see just generally as you made that tripn today? >> reporter: coy from southern anne aruel county, the middle of nowhere. andy street,'ve got a one mile tree lin street that i travel done out ofy neighborhood. that was a little dicey needls to say, the plows had not yet touched my strtr maybe just ce during the night. what i noticed was the tree branchs as wasriving along,
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the branches were hanging low. one of t neighbors byheir house,he power lines seemed to be sagging because heavy snow was just on top of it. so ioke up in the middle of the night, i actually -on days like thisthis, i d't rust the power. so i had my blackberry set swellingmy alarm clo as well as my alarm clock. i woke up and mlarm clock was ashing because w lost power. when got to the major roads, it was pretty good, but it was the se roads that were a little dicey. >> man has experience, s know, u c't trust your clock. >> reporter:ever trust your alar no. and i've got to give kudos to my husband, h got up with me and dug my car out. shut out to dennis. alright. >> thanks, megan. . stuff road conditions and unplowed streets won't keep you from getting a ticket in the district. >> that's right. the d.c. deparent of public works will eorce morning rush ho restrictions this morning. so that means if you are parked
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at a seet designated as a rh hour route and your car is still will there, this is between the hours of 7:00 and 9:30 a.m., you will get a tict. >> you might not get it rlier in the rush hour, but eventually the parking people wi get to u and you can looforward to that ticket this morning. >> let's take aook ouide. it 4:52. 32 degreesut there. a beautiful picte. so calm. >> tom is here with a reality check. >> the heavy wet snow is causing all e power outages. the tree limbs weighed did done by the heavy wet snow. the weaker limbs brought down power lines and transformers a flhing. and we've got over 300,000 without power around our region. all due on this hea wet snow that left as much as a foot in louden cnty, me than mount mry, western howard. in prince george'scounty, they
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had about five to eight inches. charles county had anywhere from lee to as much six inches there, but st. mary's only had about half an inch. th highest momen were in lubluck eithers virginia, 12 1/2 inches there. at point of rocks, they had 11 1/2 inches. shenanah valley, 8 to 10 inches fell there. and east of the blue ridge, anywhere from 5 to 8, 9 ihes fell ere. fairfax had about 5 to 8 inches. and the temperatus are right near the freezing mark, so the snow and ice citiness is going to be freezing up here for the mix couple ofhours. and tn we'll get above freezing in most electis. latest wind gusts have been around 25 to 30 miles an hour. the last hour, we had a gust at winchestero 40 mes an hour. so these winds also going to cause the tree limbs to start to sway and we' havmore of
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them snapping off causing more outages. 20s out of th mountns and around the bay, they just had mostly a rain event, but it does d. change ov to briefnow there. eastern shore three, four, five inches out of the orm. up around philadelphia towd new york city, they had anywhere from 14 to 15 inches of that heavy wet snow and the same thing is happeng in new england now. there's the srm ridly intensifying along the coast and it's nowitting massachusetts and maine and connecticut and rhode island with heavy snow. as we go fward over theext 48 hour, it will be a fast movingystem passing to our north torrow that mayive us a few flurries and a passing snow shower. for ustoday, we'll he temperatur above freezing mid-morning into the afternoon, so we'll have some melting and overnight tonigh back down below freezing in it to the 20s. maybe a passing snow shower or flurry tomorrow highs upper 30s. a ttle bit milder for the weekend, so more mting of the snow into the l 40s eac day, 20s in the morning. and maybe next event next week will be rain, maybeith some sleet on tuesday. jerry, how is traffic? take a live look around the
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area. along i-95 in springfield, conditions look pretty good. however,e says, there is word of an accident psibly overturned 95 northbod between newingtoand spring peele t springfield. the main lines at least on 95 at this point appear to be looking etty good. let's take a sampling around town. northwest washington connecticut avenue as you make your trip or toward wooey road here's a stretch of mcarthur boulevard. it wil be a little tough for those of you planning on traveling mcarthur boulevard, arizona avenue. so heads up for that. closern into the district, the approach on the inbound side of the roosevelt bridge, passab, but the exi ramps and entrance ramps quite toh. check ou german town, 270, people out and about this morning as you make the trip on in li througgerman town. if you can postponyour travels, that's the best thing
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to do. well, metro trains will be running on time this morning. the rans sit agey says that its rail stations will open at 5:00 a.m. and operate on a norm schedule. metrobuss will ao be startg on me, but they will only run on snow emergency routes. they wl eventually move back to the side streets once they become paable. metr access will begin making trips at 100 a.m. if you live in montgomery county, ride-on buservice are will n start until 10:00 a.m. today. after that, the buses will be running on a saturday schedule. area airports e digging out after shutting down for mos of the might. dull let closed run ways to flights around 7:00ast night, but has since opened one run way and a few flights are coming and going in thats a live look at reagan national airport now whh has been csed to all flights since 6:00 p.m are there are several flights scheduleto arrive and depart starting at 6:00 this rning, but airpt officials say they are still deicing and are unsure when operations will fly resume. and this is what reagan looked
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like ding the height of the storm. officials there say sever hundred passengers spent t night in the terminal. and that's ugh. and, again, we would say be sure to check your airlineefore you leave because i igine twll be plenty of cancellations and delays this morning. >> andoing up and down t coast. well, nt to know what your neighbored who looks lying. you can send u picture to our facebook page. >> this is from northeas washington. you can see t sidewalks covered in snow. and be sure to post your pictures, as well, jus go to and like news 4 todabecause you alrdy do and be sure to include the location and time that y took that photo. >> and we'llry to get some of them up on tv. we'velready gotten some comments from people who said they s in traffic for 7, 8 hours trying to get to place that normally would tak15 nutes. >> and the power outages throhout the region and 's cold out there.
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we'll be right back with complete coverage.
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